Technology Consulting

Delivering Tools, Marketing, Personal Support and Good Customers

Hi, I'm Chris Brunning

I have supported small business and end-user profit for over twenty years.   I put technology to work while relating well with you and your customers.

If you are seeking or providing consistent and excellent products or services, contact me to discuss my availablity or qualifications for your project.   I look forward to our successes!

Best regards,

Some of what I do

I provide technology services, consulting, and information products.

Good consulting costs nothing as it brings value that exceeds the price for services.
How I Work

My Process

Below are steps that may be appropriate for your project, but I aim to keep things easy for you. I have a professional network who also handle projects with excellence.


  • Initial communication/proposal
  • Determine my availablity
  • Customer interview(s)
  • Gather additional data
  • Service Level Agreement


  • Communication channels open
  • Build custom demo(s)
  • Gather client feedback
  • Code development
  • Testing and review


  • Deploy project/products
  • Press release
  • Issue tracking
  • Collect analytics data
  • Quarterly maintenence